About Process

The entire awards process runs for a span of 1 full year without any break in the process which needs crossing several levels of ascertainment. The complete process is divided into 6 Phases viz., Phase 0 (Zero), Phase 1(One), Phase 2(Two), Phase 3(Three), Phase 4(Four) and Final Phase.

  • Phase 0 ‐ Receiving the Nomination Forms duly filled for the eligible award(s). Eliminations are performed here.
  • Phase 1 ‐ Offline verification of the form information. No eliminations in this phase.
  • Phase 2 ‐ Asking for the submission of the documents quoted in Nomination Form. Eliminations are performed here.
  • Phase 3 ‐ Visiting each and every nominee by an individual jury or a committee to the workplace quoted in Nomination Form. No eliminations in this phase.
  • Phase 4 ‐ Effective Communication of the Nominee is ascertained as a part of the eligibility. Registration fee is collected from the Nominee. No eliminations here.
  • Final Phase ‐ All the Phase 3 nominees are invited to Witness the award ceremony. Results are kept in suspense till the ceremony completion.

Awards Process